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Total Joint Replacement

Advancements in joint replacement surgery have resulted in  the migration of these procedures to the outpatient surgery center for specific patients.  The Surgery Center at Lutheran’s Total Joints Replacement Program began in 2012 with twenty patients who met the American Society of Anesthesia physical status score of 1 or 2.  Patients reported high satisfaction with the procedure and process.  For select patients in overall good health, The Surgery Center at Lutheran has shown to be an appropriate alternative to the hospital for total joint replacement surgery.  With a highly trained and dedicated team, our program has been able to achieve high-quality results with significantly lower overall costs.  Total hip and knee replacements have been performed on dozens of patients since our program began in 2012.

The Total Joint Program at The Surgery Center at Lutheran provides an improved patient experience, a faster return to functionality, decreased risk of infection and lower costs.  The Surgery Center at Lutheran’s patient questionnaires indicated their joint replacement patients are even happier than the ones receiving these procedures in the hospital.  Patient who choose to have their total joint procedure at The Surgery Center at Lutheran save significantly on their co-pays, deductibles and overall costs.  Check with your insurance provider regarding potential cost savings for total joint procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about the Total Joints Replacement Program at The Surgery Center at Lutheran,  please call Dr. Thomas Eickmann’s office at 303-456-6000 and ask for Jaime.